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"Blending Old and New: Modern Wedding held at Historic Trade School in Pittsburgh, PA"

Nicole & Brogan celebrated their marriage in the former Connelley Trade School, which was built in 1930 in the Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Now, (Energy Innovation Center) focuses on sustainability & energy efficiency while preserving the history of the old trade school. A perfect mix of history & modern flare. Nicole & Brogan are both active in the United States Military and are stationed in New Mexico. They met while in training at the Air Force Academy. They have no ties to Pittsburgh, but once they saw this venue, they decided on a Pittsburgh destination wedding!

The Energy Innovation Center provided a unique and modern backdrop for the wedding, combining industrial chic elements with a warm, inviting atmosphere. The venue's high ceilings and large windows allowed for ample natural light for the ceremony, creating a bright and airy environment perfect for celebrating love and unity.

The reception tables were elegantly decorated with minimalist yet sophisticated touches by Finch & The Sprout. Long white tablecloths draped over the tables, adorned with delicate glass vases containing single-stem flowers  in various shades. Tall, slender candles in glass holders added a touch of romance and warmth to the ambiance. The table settings included neatly arranged plates, cutlery, and beautifully designed menus, ensuring every detail was perfect for the guests. Guests gathered at one long table to enjoy a traditional Italian meal catered by the incredible Di Anoias Eatery.

Nicole and Brogan's wedding was filled with unique and memorable touches that made the celebration even more special. Among the highlights were the champagne tower, ice cream bar from Millies, paper airplane exit, and a private final dance that added a personal and whimsical touch to the festivities.

Champagne Tower

One of the standout moments of the evening was the impressive champagne tower. This elegant display was saved for the bridal party only to celebrate the overflowing joy and love shared by the couple. As Nicole and Brogan poured the first bottle, the cascading champagne set the tone for an evening of celebration and cheer.

Ice Cream Bar

In lieu of a traditional dessert table, the couple opted for a delightful ice cream bar. This fun and interactive station was a hit among guests of all ages. With a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from, everyone could create their own personalized sweet treat. It was a refreshing and playful addition that guests were not expecting.

Paper Airplane Exit

For their grand exit, Nicole and Brogan chose a unique and playful twist on the traditional send-off. Guests were given paper airplanes, which they joyfully launched into the air as the newlyweds made their departure. This creative exit not only paid homage to their military backgrounds but also added a sense of fun and excitement to the conclusion of their special day.

Private Final Dance

After the festivities wound down and the guests had departed, Nicole and Brogan shared a private final dance. This intimate moment allowed them to reflect on their incredible day and savor their first moments as a married couple in a quiet, personal setting. The private dance was a beautiful way to close out the celebration, emphasizing the deep connection and love they share.

Nicole and Brogan's wedding was truly a day to remember, filled with meaningful details and joyous moments that celebrated their unique love story.


Full Scale Planning: Wynn Events PGH

Bar Service: ACE Bartenders

Ice Cream Bar: Millies

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